PROJECT Your RPM onto the Windscreen with the ALL-NEW Digital Auto Tachometer.

Bulky auto tachometer gauges can block your view of the road when you need it most. With the Digital heads-Up Display, you can look through projected shifting lights, which ultimately gives you an edge in competition racing.

The race inspired Plasmaglow Digital Heads-Up Display tachometer will project your RPM's onto your windscreen in both digital numbers and in analog. A bar for at-a-glance readings, and a shift indicator that can be set manually for gas economy or maximum horse-power!

Digital Heads up Display Tach - Works with any 4, 6, or 8 Cylinder Vehicle!When you reach your redline, the display changes red, and a shift box pops up on your windshield!

With no bulky gauges between you and the finish line, you'll rule the streets with the all new Plasmaglow Digital Heads-Up Display automotive tachometer.

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Digital Heads-Up Display Tacho. $289.00USD

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