How to Install Neon under car lights to the underbody of your Car.

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How to install Neon under car lights

The instructions below are for Neon under car kits such as the, Platinum neon undercar kit, or any other undercar neon lighting kits.

Note: If you have purchased undercar lighting kits from this website, whether it be Neon or LED, make sure you fill out your "Life Time Warranty card" immediately and send it to Plasmaglow within 30 days of purchase, so that it remains valid.


Bare in mind that the main issue we face with having neon or LED car lights on our vehicles these days is the fact that they are often frowned upon by the authorities. So to avoid any uninvited fines, and to have total control at your fingertips, its best to install neon or LED lights so as they can be activated through a separate Expandable Control Switch for ease of use, rather than having them come on when the headlights are turned on. If you do have your neons come on when the ignition is turned on, your best bet is to have a "kill switch" installed to get you out of trouble, should the police be on the prowl, or if there is some "overheating" going on.

How to install neon lights under a car

Step 1.
To be able to install this type of kit onto your vehicle, you're going to need a few tools and materials.

You will need

  • Electric drill with bits and screw-gun attachment or screw drivers
  • Pencil or marker of some sort
  • Center punch (for a good start on your drilling)
  • Electrical wire-strippers (if you need to join wires)
  • Soldering gun and solder (also depending on if you need to join wires, and if you do, you may as well do it right the first time)
  • Heat Gun (for heat shrink tubing on your soldered joints)
  • Silicon sealant (for sealing up holes)

    How to install Neon under car lights Step 2.
    Before doing *Any* electrical work on a vehicle, always disconnect the vehicles battery before starting (be aware that in later model cars, disconnecting the battery can disrupt the cars electronic systems). This can be done by disconnecting the vehicle's negative battery cable. It's also wise to have your vehicles service manual handy for information about the specifics of the electrical system on your vehicle should you need it, but you should'ent. The installation below involves disconnecting the battery first and formost. Please refer to These Instructions Here for further "in-depth" examples.

    Important: For any project that involves drilling holes into the body of a vehicle, its very important to first check the locations where you're going to mount hardware, to be certain you won't pierce or damage any crucial parts such as brake lines, fuel lines and electrical lines, etc.

    How to install Neon under car lights Step 3.
    Determine the best location for the tubes to be placed. Make sure they are away from all fuel lines, exhaust systems, areas of extreme heat, moving parts, and areas where a lift jack is used to raise the vehicle.

    While the vehicle is raised up on a lift or jack (be *Absolutely* certain the jack is safe before laying under the car) test-fit the Neon light tubes in the locations where they will be mounted in accordance with your particular kit diagrams and instructions. It's a good idea to mount the neon tubes so they are centered between the overall length of the vehicle for optimal lighting performance. But this too, is a matter of personal preference.

    Tubes should be positioned on the chassis of the vehicle so they are not visible. Visible tubes are prohibited by law in some countries & cities.

    How to install neon under car lights Step 4.
    The neon light tubes are mounted on the chassis using the small metal/plastic brackets that are included in your kit. With the brackets installed on the tube first, lift the tube assembly into place and mark the locations where you will be drilling the holes.

    Once you have marked the locations with an ink marker or pencil, center-punch them to ensure a good start for your drill bit. Very carefully drill the holes for the mounting brackets. As with any project that involves drilling holes into metal parts on a vehicle, apply a small amount of silicon sealer to the holes before screwing in the screws. This will help protect the metal against rust.

    The hasle free way of mounting the neon tubes is to start the screws in the brackets first,(supplied in kit) then holding the bracket in place, insert and tighten the screws into the holes. Make sure that the wires coming from the *Side* tubes are facing the front of the vehicle. It's best to tighten the screws just enough to hold the bracket in place, then go back again after you've almost finished the install and individually tighten each one until it seats firmly. For this step, you may use either a screwdriver attachment for your cordless drill or a regular screwdriver.

    Once you've correctly mounted the first neon light tube assembly, proceed to the other tubes and install them in the same manner. Just think...pretty soon you'll be showing all your friends how to install Neon under car lights in their cars too, and maybe even get paid for it!

    How to install Neon under car lights Step 5.
    Locate a spot in the engine compartment where you can mount the transformer. The prefered location will be somewhere near the battery, and you'll need to drill mounting holes for attaching the transformer. Once you've selected a location, and made certain that there is nothing beneath the drilling locations that will be damaged by drilling, mount the transformer according to the instructions in the kit. If you live in extreme cold weather conditions, it's advised to try and mount the block inside the car and hidden away under the dash to avoid the moisture and any friends kicking it.

    With the transformer mounted, connect it to the lighting circuit according to the manufacturer's instructions. In our case, the connections were made in the same manner as those in which we connected the lighting elements -- using solder, silicon sealant and shrink-wrap tubing.

    How to install Neon under car lights Step 6.
    Should you have to do any cutting and joining of wires for led under car kits from other manufacturers, other then Plasmaglow, make sure that you: A) Strip back the ends of each of the wires that you're going to join about 1/4-inch. B) Slip a length of "shrink-wrap tubing" over one end of each set of wires. C) Solder the exposed portions of the connecting wires together using a soldering gun. D) Add a dab of silicon sealer to the soldered connection. E) Slide the section of "shrink-wrap tubing" over the connection, then use a heat-gun to shrink the tubing to form a water tight seal.

    How to install neon under car lights Step 7.
    The power wire on the transformer can be connected directly to the Positive side of the car battery with an "in-line fuse" attached no more then 18 inches away from the battery. There will also be an "Earth wire" or Negative ground wire coming out from the transformer that will need to be sucurely screwed to the chassis of the vehicle or to any "existing earth wire" to complete the power circuit. Please refer to These Instructions here for further "in-depth" instructions on where-and-how to connect to the car battery.

    WARNING: To avoid any uninvited fines from the authorities, its best to install LED and Neon car lights so they can be activated through a separate expandable switch, rather than having them come on when the headlights or ignition are turned on. If you do have your neons come on when the ignition is turned on, your best bet is to have a "kill switch" installed to get you out of trouble, should the police be on the prowl, or if there is some "overheating" going on.

    Another Word of Caution on how to install interior car lights, BE WARNED, if you do obtain a 12V power supply for your LED/Neons from one of the wires under the dash, be sure that it's not the headlight wires, because you cannot turn the neons or LED's off while driving at night, (unless you have an in-line switch) and be twice as sure that the wire your tapping into has 12volts of power running through it by using a voltage meter and circuit tester, refer to These Instructions here, and be tripply sure to install a fuse on the power wire going to your LED/Neons.

    But it is still highly advised to access your power supply from the car battery and NOT from under the dash. However, if this type installation is done correctly, you should have no problems, it's been done many times before without any drama, but we'll leave the "risk-taking" up to you, we'll just supply the guide, but it is by NO MEANS meant to be taken as a solid "blue-print", because cars, people and situations differ.

  • Remember also, with some later model cars and messing around with wires under the dash board could accidentally activate the air bags, so don't say we did'nt warn you!

    How to install Neon under car lights Step 8.
    The on-off switch should be mounted in a convenient location on the dash. Wiring for the switch can be run through a grommet in the firewall, into the engine compartment where it can be connected to the battery. Please see the main Instructions Page for more info.

    The included switch and fuse should be connected between the transformer and the power supply. Do not use any wires that are over 10 gauge for the power wire. If you need to lengthen the wires, make sure to solder, insulate the connections with electrical tape, silicon, or heat shrink tubing to unsure a water tight connection. Again, see the main Instructions Page for more info.

    Step 9.
    Complete any additional wiring according to your kit instructions.

    I hope you have found these "How to install Neon under car lights" instructions helpfull. Enjoy your lights!

    If these instructions all seem a little "over-whelming" - then your best bet is to print out these instructions and read them through a few times to familiarise yourself with what you need to do. Then when your ready, have these instructions with you while your installing the LED or Neon car lights into your car.

    And if your still un-comfortable with this installation - and feel that you can not do it, then your going to need to contact a professional who can. There are a growing number of car accessory installers that show you how to install neon under car lights, just ring around at a few places to find out who will do this installation for you.

    Once again, Good luck and Enjoy!

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