Bring Your Boat Alive with the Jetstream LED Wake Light

The Jetstream LED Wake Light will give your boat a new feel

They will certainly see you now on the lake or at sea with the JetStream LED Wake light kit! These extremely bright and high-performance, high-power Stainless Steel LED lights, make any boat the center of attention.

The 12W Kit will light up about 10 feet (3 meters) behind your boat.

The 24W Kit will light up about 20ft (6 meters) behind your boat.

The 96W Kit will light up about 100ft (30 meters) behind your boat.

JetStream Wake Lights are extremely high quality, appropriate for even the most extravagant of boats and yachts.

There is One Light Per Pack. Small boats like Jet Skis, will only need one light. Larger watercraft will want to use 2 lights. The JetStream Kit will operate on 12 or 24V and has a simple 2-wire (+ and -) hookup to your boats power supply.

Included with this kit is the unbeatable and no-hassle PlasmaGlow Lifetime Warranty!

Kit Prices

12W - $249.00
24W - $349.00
96W - $729.00

Hurry! This week only.

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