illuminate Any part of your Car with
LED Glostix Tubes

The stunning power of LED's for interior car lighting!
LED Glostix Tubes have -Solid OR Scan Settings, and Music react Mode!

1 Million Hour LED Life!
Blazing bright LED Lights!

LED Glostix Tubes will either glow solid or scan with a flip of a switch. All necessary instructions and hardware are included to ensure a smooth installation. LED GloStix are ready to go right out of the box and include in-line fuse protection.

They can be plugged into a cigarette lighter adapter or be permanently installed with a simple 2-wire installation. GloStix tubes are waterproof, sealed in a high-impact Lexan tube for guaranteed durability, and are backed up with the PlasmaGlow Liftime Warranty!

All LED Tubes come with a Control Box to switch between Scanning modes, solid mode, and music react mode.

The LED Glostix Tubes come in three different sizes of 10, 15, and 24 inches.

  • Want the ability to control this kit from "OUTSIDE" your car, and up to 500 feet away? Then get the 12V Remote Controller NOW!

    $39.99USD for a 10" Glostix
    $49.99 for a 15" Glostix and
    $59.99 for a 24" Glostix.
    On Special! This week only.

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  • 10" Glostix Tube- $39.99USD Choose your color:
    15" Glostix Tube- $49.99USD Choose your color:
    24" Glostix Tube- $59.99USD Choose your color:

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