Send on-lookers eyeballs into a spin with
LED Wheel Lights

Wheel Showlights

LED Wheel lights or Microflys are becoming very popular amongest Car lighting enthusiasts and motor bike riders, and even Bicycle riders are using them to *BE SEEN* on the road. Now this is a wonderfull idea, because bicycle riders are not allways seen at night by other road users.

These lights are motion activated so you never need turn them on and off. Simply start driving or riding your bike and they will light up at night automatically!

These great little wheel lights operate on micro-batteries, similar to what you would find in a watch and were designed to fit onto the tire valve stem of any car, bicycle, or motorcycle wheel to give off a vibrant ring of color as you drive!

Enhances the look of your wheels for show or on the road by Getting Yourself a pair of LED Wheel Lights Today!

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