Match your vehicle's personality with a pair of Plasma Xenon Krypton Headlight bulbs!

PlasmaGlow's HID Plasma Xenon Krypton Headlight bulbs are the best thing that ever happened to your car! These high output bulbs are direct replacements for the bulbs already in your car and install in minutes. No extra upgrades are needed, just install two bulbs and you'll see a unique look you never thought possible from your vehicle!

HID Plasma Headlight bulbs are made from only the Purest mixtures of Xenon/Krypton Gas giving your headlights a greater glow at night!

Please Note...

To find the correct Plasma Headlight bulbs that fit Your Particular Car, first choose the color you want by clicking on one of the Colored Globe Pictures Above. You will then be taken to a page about that particular color with a selection of different "stock harness" types on it, so as you can choose the right globe for your car.

The new Plasma Series features a superior filament for an even brighter beam from your headlights with no additional power draw.

All HID Plasma Xenon Krypton Headlight bulbs come in Blue (most popular), and Purple. They carry a manufacturer's 10-Year Replacement Warranty, which is the longest in the industry! DOT Approved.

$47.99USD a pair
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